Sean Hall Interview







We visit Executive Chef Sean Hall at 6HEAD to talk about all things dry and wet-aged beef. Sean grew up on a beef farm in South Africa where his love and passion for the meat was instilled at a very young age. He moved to the UK at 22 years old, where he worked with and learned from a passionate Scottish chef, understanding beef’s flavour profile. Then he spent six years with the Jamie Oliver Group before coming to Australia and starting Seagrass Boutique Hospitality.

6HEAD is famous for their dry-aged beef. Historically from the 1800s, that’s the method of naturally ageing beef until the late 1960s when wet ageing came into place. 6HEAD focuses on the sweet spots of dry-ageing, with three dry-ageing cabinets in their facility. The benefits with dry-ageing is that there’s lots of moisture and flavour, and the meat remains tender. Dry-ageing is meant to be anywhere from 14 to 17 days, but 6HEAD takes it past that. For example, Tomahawks will go up to two weeks and T-bones up to four weeks. They’ve found a great sweet spot where the flavour is present but not too intense for customers.