Summer Lamb


Low & Slow

Our second webinar is now available, with a focus on summer lamb, led by corporate chef at Meat & Livestock Australia, Sam Burke.

The new masterclass talks about all things Australian summer lamb, which is the biggest campaign for sheep meat producers. We want to draw your attention to it now, in December, so that your food service is primed and ready to take part in this campaign come January. 

Before diving in, as you know, we’re here to create, educate and inspire. We’re proud to share that TAFE NSW has taken on our RMA content as a program to not only influence educators, but also students of tomorrow – chefs in the making. We’re thrilled to have them on board, and are looking forward to broadcasting live there next year.

For Chef Sam, the follow up engagement from viewers of the first webinar has been warmly welcomed. “It’s been incredible that people have taken the learnings away and are sending emails directly to me on programs that they’ve put into their food service establishments and had success with. Thanks to all those who have taken away inspiration and taken it to the next level.”

Finally, we hope you’ve been loving our Producer to Plate series as much as we have. The great thing about that, is that the producer has the opportunity to speak directly with the front line food service leader. Typically, producers don’t know what happens to their product once it leaves the farm, but through our series, they’re able to connect with that front line person, and they’re able to learn from each other.

Our Summer Lamb Masterclass – not one to miss! The webinar focuses on giving you easy dishes that you can replicate in big scale volume numbers for your business to have success with. 

The dishes we’ll run you through in this one, are:

An incredible summer stir fry made with Cantonese lamb leg.

A late night favourite – the lamb gyros. The Greeks have got it covered with this one, and we’ll show you how to slow cook lamb shoulder so you can replicate this dish in record time for maximum customer satisfaction.

The iconic summer lamb grill, prevalent at takeaway bars, pubs, clubs and more – we’ll show you how to do the perfect mixed grill.

An ode to Australia – the lamb leg, and furthermore, we’ll show you how to do it in under an hour at your establishment.